As parents of a toddler, they’ve got us hooked.

By Zahra
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Jolly Animals have set out on a journey of creating children’s books taking inspiration from animals mentioned in The Holy Books, and as parents of a toddler, they’ve got us hooked. Their very first book The Yellow Cow is a fact, and I’m telling you all about it in this article.

Who is The Yellow Cow?
In the Holy Quran there is made mention of a yellow cow in the following verses of Surah Al Baqarah (Chapter 2, verses 67 to 71): Jolly Animals have taken inspiration from these verses and created an animal fable with a yellow cow–bright in color–taking the center stage. The cute story’s details are meticulously accurate as per The Jolly Animal’s promise to respect the structure, order and moral of the Holy Books they take inspiration from.

The Yellow Cow: The book and story
The Yellow Cow is a durable cardboard book of about 16 x 16 cm. It is definitely infant and toddler-proof! The illustrations in the book are playful, colorful and very imaginative. The book comes with a sheet of nice stickers, too.

Commendable is the fact that the brand makes it a point to do the right thing towards the environment, the people producing the products, and the children who can’t afford them so as to match the ethics of the books their products are inspired from.  

As for the story, the back cover describes it as follows:

“The bright Yellow Cow stands out from the herd. She’s of a different size, age, color, and talent. Join her journey of self-discovery and find out together just how special she really is.”

The book is written in playful rhyme, suitable for young children, especially infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. A boy and a girl who remain in the shadows are looking for this very special cow, and because of their search the cow is encouraged to embark on an internal journey to discover what it is that makes her so special, taking the reader along on this very unique yet universal quest.

Review: Our thoughts on The Yellow Cow
We love the whole concept of drawing inspiration from the Quran and other Holy Books, and we particularly appreciate The Yellow Cow’s disclaimer,

“This is not a religious book. The animal fable within is inspired by verses of the Holy Quran.”

This is because to us that is a form of respecting the original messages of the Holy Books, as they are in no need of modification while seeking to grow from those messages by creating accurate stories with morals worth teaching our children and instilling in them.

The message as woven in The Yellow Cow is lovely, the quest of a beautiful bright yellow cow to discover herself, her surroundings, and her place in the world is an admirable one. Her conclusion is that she is very special, unique and loved. This is a message we find worth telling ourselves and our children. Especially in a world that so often tries to push us to be anything but our own unique and beautiful selves.

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