Our three-year-old has basically memorised it!

This review first appeared on zedandq.com

Ever wanted to make the Qur'an more appealing for your children? Well, authors Lama and Kais do this in a very clever way! 

The Yellow Cow is a lighthearted tale inspired by verses 67 to 71 of Surah Al Baqarah.

It's written in such a brilliant way that introduces children to rhymes, colors, animals and more! We've read this book a number of times. Yaseen (3.5 yrs old) has basically memorized most of it while Yusuf (1.3 years) points at the animals. 

What I love about this book is the deeper message it portrays. To the ordinary person, it's a warm fun tale. To everyone else who has memorized or read these verses, it's a reminder of a great Qur'anic lesson.

It's colorful and bright with a sturdy cover and can be easily wiped, which makes it perfect for little hands! It's easy to understand with playful illustrations! The Yellow Cow is tailored towards children from birth, however, I think adults could learn a thing or two from this.

I suggest you add this book to your children's daily reading list. Books just like this one which instills the love of the Qur'an in young hearts. You need to read this book to see how special this Yellow Cow really is.

This book is also available in Arabic. Thank you Lama and Kais for such an incredible tale! Really looking forward to book #2.